Tuesday 08 January 2019 until 26 March 2019 at 19h30

Module 1:  Knowing how to live in the now by learning sophrology exercises that can be used at your own rhythm, to find well-being. Groups of min. 3 pers. max. 6 pers.

Transform yourself in a couple of sessions:
– find a positive life dynamic
– mute your internal brouhaha
– calm your emotions
– become aware of your internal force, your energy
– discover your own qualities
– reinforce a positive self-image
– manage your stress
– sleep better

This first module is the foundation of all further sophrological work. It will allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin here and now, concentrate your attention on your positive feelings, clearing your head from stressful thoughts and situations, discover your own qualities and put them in the spotlight, and regulate the physical manifestations of your emotions.

This module also makes it possible to lay the foundations that are crucial in order to start working on managing your emotions (Module 1: Emotional Intelligence: Learning to appreciate existence and anticipate the future).

To learn more on Dynamic Sophrology, its benefits, how it works and how to modules and sessions are organized: https://www.meocorpore.be/en/dynamic-sophrology/

Dates of the sessions: Tuesday between 19h30 and 20h30 from 08/01 until 26/03

Place: MeoCorpore – Champ Maret, 1 – 7080 Ronquières

Price of a cycle: €180 (10 sessions + 1 in case of unexpected absence)

For more information or to sign up, contact me on 0485 29 46 02 or contact@meocorpore.be .