sophrologie dynamique

Dynamic Sophrology: Discovery evenings tuesday 11/12 and wednesday 19/12

Would you like to know what Dynamic Sophrology is? If it is something for you? What benefits it has for your personal or professional life? You can’t decide between group or individual Dynamic Sophrology sessions? You think that sophrology can help you in your business.
I will answer all of those questions and many more during this discovery night in Familleureux, where you can learn more about Dynamic Sophrology, in theory but also put into practice in order to center our attention onto ourselves, calm our breathing and open ourselves up by putting aside out internal monologue for a moment.
Time: 19h30-21h
Address: MeoCorpore – Champ Maret, 1 – 7090 Ronquières
Price: 15€
Inscription required at 0485294602 or
Program of the discovery night


  1. History and origins of dynamic sophrology
  2. What is the purpose of dynamic sophrology? What benefits does it have?
  3. Presentation of the tool:
    • The 5 intelligences and the 5 modules
    • Individual and group sessions
    • Structure of a session
    • Practical aspects
    • Beyond the sessions / learning material
  4. Discovery: opening up by finding your roots and breathing
  5. Questions & answers

If this discovery night on Dynamic Sophrology has convinced you to continue your adventure, beginner groups have been planned for: