sophrologie dynamique

Wednesdays from 09 January 2019 until 27 April 2019 at 18h15

Module 2: Managing your emotions and constructing your future. Transform yourself in a couple of sessions to:

  • control your emotions
  • manage their impact on your body
  • reinforce your self-confidence
  • become more independent
  • allow your sense of existence and values to emerge
  • determine life goals
  • plan the steps necessary to achieve goals

More strongly present in the here and now, with the tools that allow us to feel good at any moment, we begin exploring our emotions and the physiological phenomena they provoko in order to get a clear image of what we wish to achieve in our future. We’re capable of creating a future in line with our values, free from fears and uncertainties rooted in our past.

Requirements: having participated in at least 10 sessions of module 1 (beginner group) of Dynamic Sophrology®, Bodily Intelligence. To learn more about Dynamic Sophrology, its benefits, how it works and how the modules and sessions are organised:

Group of min 3 pers. max 6 pers.

Date of sessions : 10 Wednesdays between 18h15 and 19h15 from 09/01 until 27/03

Place: MeoCorpore – Champ Maret, 1 – 7090 Ronquières

Price of the: 180€

For more information or to sign up, contact me at 0485 29 46 02 or .